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I can not stress this enough. I have attached the Pact Act to this email for all to read. I encourage every Veteran from Korea to Gulf War to read it. If you are a widow or widower of a Veteran you should read and talk to a VSO (Veteran Service Officer) as well. If anyone knows a Veteran not savvy with the internet, please get a copy of pact act to them.

For Vietnam era the Agent Orange (AO) Presumptive list has grown as well as additional countries and territories in S E Asia have been added included GUAM and Johnstown Islands.  The years for presumptive have also been adjusted for some areas of presumption.

I found this morning I now qualify for AO exposure in Guam. 

Thailand vets are now on the list.  If you need help with your claim Dale Brown. That’s my job. See Link below.  If it makes sense I will print it out and have Tally hang a hard copy at POST 202.

Afghanistan, Iraqi and GWOT Veterans, your presumptive list is still growing to include some fast growing cancer’s. So please don’t screw around and put your claim off until its too late for you and your family. 

I know the lawyers are eating up commercial time on TV for the Camp Lejeune exposure.  Dont get sucked in. Let the VSOs help.

Unless they are working pro bono, lawyers typically get 20% or more of your compensation

Pact Act New Update

Here is another update on VFW actions regarding the PACT Act. As I mentioned last week, while we’re celebrating this great victory, our mission continues – What’s next is that we now must do everything possible to ensure EVERY veteran is made aware and has opportunity to meet with a VFW Accredited Service Officer.  Camp Lejeune Justice Act (CLJA) claims are different than VA Disability claims thus the reason we have entrusted law firms for CLJA claims that require an attorney as it will likely involve litigation in a federal court.  VA Disability Claims are a different matter though.

Wednesday November 16th we will deploy a website to streamline referrals to our cadre of accredited service officers for VA Disability Claims. Through a short series of questions, veterans can determine whether they’re likely eligible for VA benefits and request to be contacted by a VFW Accredited Service Officer. Our system will capture their answers and generate a referral. The veteran will then be contacted by a VFW service officer within one week.

The site also warns against scams, explains the basics of the PACT Act and encourages veterans to get involved with the VFW through joining the VFW if eligible, by signing up for Action Corps as well as making a donation.  They can choose one, all three or none. 

Making this site available is just phase one of our large-scale effort to make certain every veteran meets with us. We’ll soon start nationwide promotion and will need your help getting the word out, so we’re developing a toolkit for you to use in your communication vehicles to make certain we reach EVERY veteran.

Once these emails come out, we would ask that you promote by sending out to your Department leaders and members, placing on your website or social media accounts and in any print publications you have. 

Please note the url or link is, but it will not be accessible before Wednesday November 16th.   Before publishing this link check to make sure it is working, it is password protected at the moment as it is still under construction.